• Be Better. Look Better. Feel Better.
    Be Better. Look Better. Feel Better.
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  • APC Bootcamp
    APC Bootcamp
    Our unique fitness program is specifically designed for those who want to get fit! The program includes: • Small group training sessions • Signature nutrition plan and advice • Nutrition assessment & nutrient tracking • Weight and body fat % assessment • Goal assessment plan • Continual motivation and support
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  • CrossFit Katana First Place
    CrossFit Katana First Place
    Congratulations to Seth, Braden, and Phelps for coming in first place, and congratulations to Kelsey Wilson (with her team from college) coming in second place at CrossFit Katana Samurai Showdown VI: Trio of Terror.
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Be Better. Look Better. Feel Better.APC BootcampCrossFit Katana First Place

Classes We Provide

Personal Training

At Advanced Performance CrossFit we understand that every single person is different and with that, they all have different, needs, goals and abilities. That why we offer a variety of training programs to suit our member’s needs. We structure workouts for everyone from the individual who knows what they’re doing but need a little structure, […]

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Olympic Lifting Class

At Advanced Performance CrossFit we want to make sure all of our members are exercising safely and properly. In CrossFit, Olympic lifting movements are involved in many of the workouts. The Olympic lifts are inherently technical, dynamic and fast. That’s why every 3rd Saturday of the month we focus a specific class on trying to […]

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Skills Clinics

Rope climbing, double-unders, muscle-ups, rowing, running, kettlebell swings, handstand push-ups – these are just a few of the skills that are used in CrossFit workouts. How do you do them? Where do you start if you can’t do them? How do you progress? At Advanced Performance CrossFit we give you the answers to all of […]

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  • The camaraderie and accountability is unmatched! If I miss a WOD, someone will message me to see where I’m at. That’s Love

    Kathy Scheiman
  • What set APC apart from the rest was the amazing community and knowledgeable coaches.

    Hannah Bunch
  • The workouts were exactly what I was looking for. Exactly the type of workouts you want for results and that’s exactly what happened. Almost immediately I noticed results!

    Alex Severson

Featured Coaches

Brooke Eatmon

Brooke grew up in western North Carolina and graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. She got her degree in graphic design. While at Liberty, she met her husband, Josh, who is now the associate pastor at Crossroads Community Church. They have a 6 year old daughter named Skye who loves CrossFit just as much […]

CF Level 1 Trainer

Joseph Duong

Joey has been a CrossFit athlete for about 1 1/2 years and is currently a CrossFit L-1 instructor. Throughout his life Joey as participated in multiple sports. In high school he was a varsity track and field athlete as well as a varsity wrestler. After high school Joey enlisted in the Marine Corps. He served […]

CF Level 1 Trainer

Melissa Delong

Melissa is a wife, mother of 3 kids, gym administrator, and bootcamp coach. She started her CrossFit journey 3 years ago and has been hooked ever since. After 2 years of training she made it her mission to help others make a change in their lives just like she did.

Advocare Coach