Junes’s Athlete of the Month is Hilary Derr

Junes’s Athlete of the Month is Hilary Derr
04 Jun

Hilary had been a member of APC since 2012 (after the birth of her 3rd child). She has been active all her life and has run several 5ks, 10ks and even a few marathons, but after the birth of her 4th child, she got really serious about her fitness level (specifically CrossFit) and her strength and endurance skyrocketed.

To put it simply… Hilary is AWESOME! Obviously her work ethic and drive is outstanding, but she is also super gracious and supportive of all her fellow athletes. She is a privilege to coach as well as workout alongside. Recently, she hit a BIG PR on her power snatch… 125lbs!!! She hopes to get that up to 135lbs to go with a 175lb clean and jerk, real soon!

Thank you Hilary for all that you do to make our community so special!

Interesting fact: Coach Pete Bach has been coaching Hilary for over a decade! (Boot Camp and CrossFit) “This was LONG overdue…” – Coach Seth