May’s Athlete of the Month is Rochelle Ricciardi

May’s Athlete of the Month is Rochelle Ricciardi
04 Jun

Rochelle Ricciardi

I started CrossFit January 5, 2015 in one of the Couch 2 CrossFit programs. I remember it so well because I nervously stuffed my face with a Big Mac, large fry, and sushi three hours beforehand and nearly threw it all up doing burpees.

I never would have joined CrossFit on my own – I would still most likely be on the couch and 250+ pounds. My sister, Danielle, signed me up for Couch 2 CrossFit and told me she would do it with me – she lied. I was dropped off and she did the WOD in the room next door. Obviously, I ended up really liking it!

One thing I love about APC is how our coaches are attentive, always ready to help, give constructive criticism, and invested in their athletes. In addition, the community at APC is amazing; everyone is friendly and constantly cheering one another on.

A couple of the accomplishments that I am most proud of in the box are getting my dubs and handstand hold. Outside the box, I have finally hit 199 lbs. – I have not been below 200 in probably 8 years!

My most important short-term goal is to get a pull-up. My long-term goal would be to reach my goal weight and to become a more well-rounded athlete overall.

Something interesting/peculiar about me… I grew up on a tree farm. (I hate this question)